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Egan-Jones Proposed 2016 Guideline Changes

December 17, 2015
Haverford, PA -- Egan Jones Proxy Services announced today a series of proposed changes to its guidelines for Proxy Season 2016. "Of greatest interest is the second proposed change to the Standard Guidelines, 'If the CEO is on the Board of Directors,' which would allow CEOs to be on a maximum of... Read More

Egan-Jones Issues Compensation Rating for BRIGGS & STRATTON CORPORATION [BGG]

October 09, 2015
Haverford, PA - At Egan-Jones Proxy Services we review a number of factors, both qualitative and quantitative in nature. These include total CEO compensation, company performance, and any past issues with compensation, when determining our compensation rating for a given company. BRIGGS & ST... Read More

Over One-Third of Companies Receive Poor Compensation Rating

July 06, 2015
Haverford, PA - Egan Jones Proxy Services announced today that during Proxy Season 2015, in excess of 33.3% of companies covered with a Say-on-Pay vote received a "Below Average" or lower Compensation Rating as well as a matching "AGAINST" vote recommendation for Say-on-Pay. The Egan-Jones Compe... Read More

The Rise of the Activist

December 02, 2014
Haverford, PA - Egan-Jones Proxy Services to sponsor corporate governance breakfast. On Dec. 16th at the NYC Harvard Club, the Harvard Business Club of New York is hosting and Egan-Jones Proxy Services is sponsoring a breakfast (no charge to you) the title of which is "The Rise of the Activist". ... Read More

Egan-Jones Proxy Services Makes Announcement Regarding its Research Report on Darden Restaurants

September 25, 2014
Haverford, PA - Egan Jones Proxy Services announced today that responding to a request to review potentially new material facts and in connection with recent SEC guidance regarding proxy advisers, it has temporarily withdrawn its research report for Darden Restaurants, Inc. published earlier toda... Read More

Egan-Jones Proxy Services Comments on Mergers and Proxy Contests

September 14, 2014
Haverford, PA (September 18, 2014) -- Egan Jones Proxy Services commented today on current M&A activity and contested meetings. "During a period thick with mergers & acquisitions activity and contested meetings, the following examples are particularly worthy of note." said Kent Hughes, Ma... Read More

Egan-Jones Proxy Services Acquires ProxyTell

May 26, 2014
Haverford, PA - Egan Jones Proxy Services announced today its acquisition of substantially all of the operating assets of ProxyTell, LLC. Egan-Jones Proxy Services, established in 2002 by Egan-Jones Ratings Co., is a leading independent provider of proxy research, voting recommendations and votin... Read More