Egan-Jones Proxy Services Issuer Engagement

Egan-Jones Proxy Services ("EJPS") recognizes that as a provider of proxy research and voting recommendations to some of the world's foremost institutional investors, our research, models and methodologies are of significant interest to both publically-traded companies as well as their consultants. In order to foster both transparency and accuracy in our institutional products, EJPS provides a number of ways in which issuers and their consultants can gain access to our reports and the models used to create them.

EJPS always strives to write the most accurate reports possible. And, in compliance to regulatory direction, we provide several avenues for issuers to review and correct any material errors found in our reports. Issuers may obtain a "draft," or pre-publication copy, of their report in order to review it by submitting a fully-completed copy of our Draft Request Form to You can request a copy of the Form by emailing the same address. 

If an issuer believes there is a material error in an EJPS report, they should send a detailed email documenting what they believe the error to be to

Most major U.S. proxy solicitors participate in our Research Preview program. They can supply both draft copies of EJPS research for the issuer to the issuer, as well as submit appropriate documentation to correct any errors found in an EJPS research document.

Current solicitors able to provide this service include:

  • Georgeson
  • Innisfree M&A
  • Mackenzie Partners
  • InvestorCom
  • Okapi Partners LLC

Please check with your solicitor or service provider since more participants are being added to the list above on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to "pre-audit" or model your company's anticipated results from the Egan-Jones Compensation Rating Model in advance of your company's proxy filing, please email for more details. Please note that as we do not provide consulting services, we only provide the model itself, in spreadsheet format, as well as instruction on how to use it.

Throughout the year EJPS provides interested parties information on changes to both its guidelines and models. If you would like to be added to this list, please email with your contact details.