Weekly Wreck

Intel - are its best day's behind it?

Looking at a stock chart of Intel [INTC] one might be tempted to think that the company can do no wrong. Looking at the headlines, however, is apt to give one reason to pause and think. The Spectra and Meltdown bugs have hit the industry hard and as the industry leader, Intel is likely to incur most of the blame and cost.

No one can know for sure if the software fixes released so far will fully fix these issues without causing additional problems. In fact, initial reports are that in many cases the software “fix” causes significant performance issues on critical infrastructure such as servers.

All this is likely to result in legal action and according to the Guarding multiple class actions have already been filed. Additionally, customers will probably put a lot more consideration into buying non-Intel solutions, in 2016, before these bugs where known Google announced this very course of action as published in ExtremeTech.

At the very least Intel needs to revamp its management starting with the Board of Directors. In 2017 we recommended “withhold” votes from three directors due to their long tenure on the Board. Additionally, we did the same for the company’s Chairman, Andy Bryant, for dividing his attention among too many other Boards.