Weekly Wreck

Tesla's Elon Musk - Yet another Example of why to Play Nice with Investors

With the price of oil on the rise, major auto companies like Ford essentially dropping out of the auto market you would think that the world would be Tesla’s [TSLA] oyster. Despite all these opportunities to begin the hard work of making the short sellers pay and pay dearly Elon Musk apparently decided to do the opposite and give them more ammunition by refusing to answer some analyst questions.

We’ve said it many times before, but when you are the CEO, Chairman or another high ranking company executive you need to realize that investors are your customers too. Probably the most important customer because they are the customer of your stock. It’s hard to make a successful public company in today’s world if no one wants your stock.

Yes analysts can be annoying, yes we sometimes say bad things, and sometimes those bad things really hurt, but that’s the job of an analyst. The job of the CEO is to educate us on all the good things that render the bad things irrelevant in the long run.

Tesla is always going to have haters because fundamentally it threatens to upend the profit models of several major industries. Tesla needs to play the smart long game in order to outlast these dated business models and win in the end.