Weekly Wreck

Fujifilm - will it be forced to make a better offer?

With Fujifilm's announced acquisition of partner firm Xerox, doubt about the transaction seems to be significant in the case of more than one major shareholder. Both Carl Icahn and the firm's third-largest shareholder, Darwin Deason have expressed doubts about the transaction.

Indeed Darwin Deason has already filed a lawsuit to stop the merger as well as issuing a joint letter with Mr. Ichan in opposition.

Controversy centers around both the compensation existing Xerox shareholders will receive as well as a long-hidden Xerox agreement giving Fujifilm license to use Xerox intellectual property should Xerox be sold to another firm.

Given the historical capacity of Japanese firms and their corporate governance, it probably should come as no surprise that this transaction is already in trouble. The question is will Fujifilm up its offer to the point that it overcomes these issues.