Egan-Jones provides institutional investors with a reliable, attractive solution to fulfilling shareholder voting obligations. Steps for getting started are simple:

Introductory Meeting

Egan-Jones reviews the client’s research and voting requirements including voting guidelines. If desired, Egan-Jones suggests modification to the client’s proxy voting guidelines to facilitate fulfillment of fiduciary obligations.

The Set-up Process

Client accounts are set up to ensure coverage. As voting agent, Egan-Jones works with clients to register their accounts for electronic voting by Egan-Jones.

Notification of Meetings

Egan-Jones clients are notified of each research report on shareholder meetings that we publish to them by our Proxy E-Lert system, which provides a link to the Egan-Jones research report on our website.

Research and Recommendations

Egan-Jones research reports provide clients with thorough, cogent research and voting recommendations for each proposal in the agenda for shareholder meetings to assist in making informed votes.

Execution of Votes

Votes are based on Egan-Jones guidelines selected by the client, although clients retain the ability to override.

Reporting and Integrated Recordkeeping

All voting clients are provided with complete voting history documentation in a variety of formats. Reports will be provided in the format desired by the client.

Ongoing Review

Egan-Jones personnel are available to ensure your needs are being met.