Press Release

Egan-Jones Proxy Services Acquires ProxyTell

Haverford, PA - Egan Jones Proxy Services announced today its acquisition of substantially all of the operating assets of ProxyTell, LLC. Egan-Jones Proxy Services, established in 2002 by Egan-Jones Ratings Co., is a leading independent provider of proxy research, voting recommendations and voting services to a variety of institutional investors. Specific financial terms of the acquisition were not provided.

The current President of ProxyTell LLC, Kevin E. McManus, will assume responsibility for the management of Egan-Jones Proxy Services.

"The advantage of our technology allows us to bring to the market is the highest possible quality proxy analysis with a 20/20 focus on maintaining and growing shareholder value in the long term," said Kevin McManus. "Most importantly, this quality research is brought to the marketplace at some of the lowest price points in the industry."

The resulting company will be global in nature with multiple offices in both the US and beyond.