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Egan-Jones Issues Compensation Rating for BRIGGS & STRATTON CORPORATION [BGG]

Haverford, PA - At Egan-Jones Proxy Services we review a number of factors, both qualitative and quantitative in nature. These include total CEO compensation, company performance, and any past issues with compensation, when determining our compensation rating for a given company.

BRIGGS & STRATTON $BGG has earned an Egan-Jones compensation rating of Below Average, with CEO total compensation of $5,274,336.

Egan-Jones Relative Compensation Rating Results:


Ticker BGG
CEO Total Comp($) 5,274,336
CEO Salary ($) 901,667
TSR (%) -6.1
Market Capitalization ($M) 2,313.6
Sector Code (GICS) 20
Wealth Creation ($M) -141.8
Wealth Creation/CEOPAY -26.9
Market Capitalization/CEOPAY 438.7
Raw Score (pre adjustments) Below Average
Final Score Below Average
Rating Model Version VER 1.1 1/12/2015
High CEO Total Compensation Negative Adjustment
CEO Salary Under $1 Million Limit Positive Adjustment
Other Adjustments No Adjustment


For more information, please contact:

Kevin E. McManus
Vice President and Director of Proxy Services
Egan-Jones Proxy Services