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Egan-Jones Proxy Statement on New SEC Proxy Firm Rules

Egan-Jones Proxy Services, established in 2002 and a leading independent provider of proxy research, voting recommendations and voting services to a variety of institutional investors, notes the SEC voted yesterday to adopt amendments to its rules governing proxy solicitations designed to address conflicts of interest and ensure transparent, accurate and complete information is available to clients.

Egan-Jones Proxy would like all clients and users of its research to know that it sees no adverse impact on the firm’s services in connection with the new rules. This is of course primarily because, unlike our competition, Egan-Jones Proxy does not engage in governance consulting and has always provided transparent and easy-to-understand reports.

With the new rules, the SEC takes aim at the largest proxy service firms which provide voting recommendations while simultaneously providing consulting and other services to the companies which are the subject of their reports.   Because Egan-Jones Proxy does not offer solutions services to public companies, we represent a truly independent, conflict-free alternative to the largest firms.

If you are an institutional investor who is tired of having your firm’s interests subject to an opaque and conflicted vote process, we invite you to contact Egan-Jones Proxy to learn what truly independent—and lower cost—proxy advisory service looks like.

For questions on this or any other EJP announcement please contact Kevin McManus, Vice President and Director of Proxy Services, using the contact details below.


Kevin McManus

Vice President and Director of Proxy Services
Egan-Jones Proxy Services
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Haverford, PA 19041

Egan-Jones Proxy Services ("EJP") is a leading provider of independent proxy research, voting recommendations and voting services to a variety of institutional investors. EJP assists institutional fiduciaries in determining voting directions as well as assisting in the administrative submission of proxy voting, and provides research, recommendations, voting, and voting record retention services on various shareholder proxy voting matters. EJP was established in 2002 by the Egan-Jones Ratings Co. ("EJR"), a nationally recognized statistical rating organization ("NRSRO") as designated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. EJR provides credit rating services for primarily institutional clients. EJP is a related division of EJR and is not a subsidiary or stand-alone corporate entity. EJP and EJR have physical and electronic safeguards in place to prevent conflicts of interest and the sharing of client data.