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Egan-Jones Recommends Withhold Vote from Gildan Board Chairman Due to Cybersecurity Issues

Haverford, PA - Egan Jones Proxy Services (EJP) released a report calling for a "withhold" vote for the Board Chair of Gildan Activewear Inc. [GIL], William D. Anderson, due to a poor Cybersecurity Rating.

Historical observations of the firm's internet presence by our cybersecurity partner show several significant and ongoing concerns in regards to cybersecurity at the company in regards to network security. Egan-Jones will generally recommend a "withhold" vote for a Board Chair when the company receives the lowest Cybersecurity Score as is the case here.

Additionally, we are recommending "withhold" votes for members of the Compensation Committee currently up for nomination due to poor score on our Compensation Rating.

Egan-Jones' Proxy Guidelines state that the Compensation Committee should be held accountable for such a poor rating and should ensure that the Company's compensation policies and procedures are centered on a competitive pay-for-performance culture, strongly aligned with the long-term interest of its shareholders and necessary to attract and retain experienced, highly qualified executives critical to the Company's long-term success and the enhancement of shareholder value.

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Kevin McManus

Vice President and Director of Proxy Services
Egan-Jones Proxy Services
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