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Lockheed Martin - is its technology out of date?

February 12, 2018
With the successful launch and technology demonstrations of SpaceX’s new Falcon Heavy, the natural question is who stands to lose business to this new rocket and the follow-on BFR (Big “Falcon” Rocket). While all the legacy players stand to lose, probably the biggest impact wil... Read More

Wynn Resorts - can Steve Wynn remain CEO?

February 06, 2018
As Wynn Resorts [WYNN] faces ever increasing headwinds from allegations of impropriety by its CEO, Steve Wynn, his ability to continue to lead the firm has become a pressing question. With a drop in the price of its stock from over $200 per share on January 25th to the current $170 or so, investo... Read More

Intel - are its best day's behind it?

January 29, 2018
Looking at a stock chart of Intel [INTC] one might be tempted to think that the company can do no wrong. Looking at the headlines, however, is apt to give one reason to pause and think. The Spectra and Meltdown bugs have hit the industry hard and as the industry leader, Intel is likely to incur m... Read More

Facebook - Critical Infrastructure or Public Menace?

January 22, 2018
As Facebook's Marc Zuckerberg seeks to prove wrong the suggestion by Tristan Harris and others that using Facebook is not time well spent questions around the firm's flagship platform continue to increase. While Facebook has continued to grow and make ever greater profits this very growth now sub... Read More